Our Team

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Darnell S. Taylor

Executive Director

Darnell Taylor takes a vision and makes it a reality through sound strategies, and hard work. She intuitively recognizes issues within her community and formulates strategic plans to address them, engaging and strengthening her community. She is an inspirational leader, and helps her team to extend their thinking, which has helped her to earn her place on any team she has served.


Currently, as the Founder and Executive Director of the Taylor Made Foundation, a tax exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Darnell spearheads programs serving disadvantaged children and families, the homeless, and the elderly in the Metro Atlanta area.


Previously, Darnell has been formally recognized by the Fairview Estates HOA for her  community and professional contributions, of leadership and service.


Darnell holds a Bachelor of Science in Technical Management, from DeVry University. During her stay at DeVry University, Darnell became involved in the National Society of Leadership and Success. The NSLS is a program that develops leaders, and helps them to understand the importance of Volunteering and giving back to the community. Darnell then became a volunteer at the Children’s Hospital of Atlanta, and Boys and Girls Club of America.  It was in the capacity of a volunteer, that Darnell realized that in order to change a person’s mindset about their environment…you had to change their mindset of how they viewed themselves.


Darnell serves on several Board of Directors, in hopes of positively impacting the communities she serves.

Brianni Taylor

Director of Programs

As Director of Programs Brianni Taylor oversees all operational aspects of the Taylor Made Foundation’s programs. Her expertise is in strategic planning, organizational development, People management, and operations management.

Brianni’s goal at TMF is to manage each program from conception to execution and to help build and sustain the Foundation’s organizational structure.

She has Program Managerial extensive experience in the events production, retail, non-profit, and entertainment industries.

Shaquana ``Q`` Sutton

Director of Finance

Shaquana “Q” Sutton is an accountant based out of Atlanta, GA by way of NYC.
Equipped with over 12 years of experience in different areas of accounting and finance, she is the owner of Q. Sutton Consulting LLC, a consulting firm and QTax Services LLC, a financial services business. She has held several positions in different industries such as Non-profit organizations, property management, film production, trucking and transporting, digital magazine, event production and more.

Shaquana’s purpose is based on improving communities like the one she was raised in by guiding better financial decisions and rerouting funding back into the community. Specializing in business development and financial management, she is a qualified and valuable addition to any path that she crosses.

Natalie Ferguson

Program Manager

Natalie has been in the medical field for over 20 years and has been a Registered Nurse since 2014. In 2015, Natalie gained experience working with youth and special needs children at Bayada Pediatrics Home Health.


Natalie was a member of several professional organizations and has served on oversight committees throughout Metro-Atlanta to include the Rockdale Nurses Leadership Committee and the Grady Hospital Nurses Leadership Committee. Due to her commitment to her patients’ care, she received the Daisy Award for Exceptional Nursing in 2018.


Natalie has an extensive background in working with the elderly in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Due to her expertise in dealing with the elderly, she serves as the Program Manager of our Adopt-An-Elder Program.


Natalie currently works as the Assistant Director of Nursing, at the Laurel Heights Children’s 

Psychiatric Hospital. She is on her way to receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in BSN. 

Rhesa Lewis-Pasouda


Rhesa Lewis-Pousada is a full-time speech-language pathologist with over 19 years of experience working with children providing home-based and school therapeutic services.  She obtained her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree at Howard University in Washington, D.C., and is committed to working closely with her community.

Rhesa has served on the Board of the Academy of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Newton County (ALANHS) as well as her local Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).  As a member of these boards, she has helped with fundraising activities and opportunities that promote and enhance student academics and community service.

Steffan Roberts


Steffan Roberts is on a mission to help serve his community; he currently serves, as treasurer of the T.M.F. Steffan is a native of Trinidad & Tobago and has worked in the community of Covington as Vice President of ALANHS for the last two years. Steffan developed a strong sense of devotion for the nonprofit sector as a youth nearly 25 years ago as he worked closely with the CPA of a church. This experience gave him a deep appreciation for how nonprofits seek to improve the quality of life for our community. One program at a time.