Refer A Prince/Princess Online


Boutique Day is an invitation-only event and prior to attending princes/princesses must be referred by a school guidance counselor, teacher, religious organization, and/or social service agency representative.


Referral Guidelines


  • Download the Refer a Prince/Princess Form, fill it out, and send to the email listed.
  • Referral forms must be completed by a guidance counselor, teacher, church leader, or social service representative.
  • Students must be seniors currently enrolled in high school or an alternative education program.
  • You are able to refer up to 10 students at once and/or return multiple times to the website to refer additional students prior to the February 6th 2021 deadline.
  • Please fill out the form in its entirety. All referrals will be carefully reviewed.
  • Referral does not guarantee an invitation to Boutique Day. Invitations are sent based on need. Invited princes/princesses will receive an invitation via email based on the information provided below.
  • Invited princes/princesses must be present on Boutique Day to receive a suit/gown.


Boutique Day is scheduled for March 6, 2021.