How to Receive a Suit/Dress


Registration for Once Upon A Prom’s Boutique Days for 2021 season begins October 1, 2021. We will start accepting referrals for suit/dresses on this date.

In order to receive a prom package (suit/dress, shoes, and accessories) you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be referred by your principal, school guidance
    counselor, community organization, pastor, guardian, parent, or social care agency.
  • You must also be a senior enrolled and attending high school.
  • You must bring your student ID to Boutique Day.

Referral Procedures


Click the links to the following two forms (Once Upon a Prom Referral Information) and (Once Upon a Prom Referral Form), print them out, and give them to the person that will refer you. We will begin making appointments for Once Upon a Prom in October.

We will send an appointment email directly to the recipient.

If you need to cancel an appointment, please give Once Upon a Prom enough notice in advance.

What Can A Prince/Princess Expect At Boutique Day?


  • You will be able to select from our inventory of formal suits and gowns guided by your own personal Fairy Prom Mother/Father.
  • Accessories including shoes, jewelry, and/or a handbag will be chosen to complete your look, based on availability.
  • Minor alterations will be provided on site.
  • All items are provided FREE of charge and are to be donated back to Once Upon a Prom after your prom.
  • Please feel free to bring one guest with you that may see you model your favorite suits/gowns.
  • Professionals will be on hand to offer hair and makeup tips.
  • Please allow three – four hours for your appointment.
  • Lunch and Learn Empowerment Session
  • Remember to bring your student ID or letter provided by school on letterhead stating that you are a student.

We know that you will have a memorable and magical experience at Once Upon a Prom. Please make your appointment as soon as possible. We look forward to seeing you and helping you select the suit/dress of your dreams!

Boutique Day Guidelines

  • Referral forms must be completed by a school guidance counselor, teacher, church leader or social service representative.
  • Students must be seniors currently enrolled in high school or alternative education program.
  • Students must be pre-qualified by a referral partner.
  • Each student must present a valid school ID card or other proof of current enrollment and provide their name and contact information.
  • Each student must be accompanied by an adult (parent, aunt, school guidance counselor, etc.).
  • Students must be present at the boutique. Adults will not be allowed to shop unless the student for whom they are shopping is physically present.
  • Students will have an assigned time to shop where they will be allowed to choose one suit/gown.
  • NO CHILDREN – the boutique does not have facilities for children.