Our Mission

Once Upon A Prom offers a comprehensive service providing full prom attire to high school students who would otherwise not have the opportunity to attend their school’s prom. Our participants will walk away with not only a beautiful gown, or a crisp suit, but also with a pair of shoes, a handbag, jewelry, and hair/nail services to finish off their ensemble and make them feel like a PRINCE or PRINCESS.

Our History

In 2018, The Taylor Made Foundation received private donations from the community to develop a program called Once Upon A Prom (OUAP), in Metro Atlanta schools for senior girls that provides them with prom dresses, shoes, accessories, as well as hair and nail services. The goal is to serve as many high school students who are in need of this service each year, and to encourage them to engage in Volunteerism, by giving back in ways of community service. TMF seeks to operate an efficient program, aligning it with the needs of the community.

Refer a Prince or Princess Online

Boutique Day is an Invitation-only event. Prior to attending, princes/princesses must be referred by a school’s guidance counselor, teacher, religious organization, and/or social service agency representative.

Referral Guidelines

Download the Refer a Prince/Princess Form fill it out, and send to the email listed.


Referral forms must be completed by a guidance counselor, teacher, church leader, or social service representative.


Students must be seniors currently enrolled in high school or an alternative education program.


You are able to refer up to 10 students at once and/or return multiple times to the website to refer additional students prior to the February 6th 2021 deadline.


Please fill out the form in its entirety. All referrals will be carefully reviewed.


A referral does not guarantee an invitation to Boutique Day. Invitations are sent based on need. Invited princes/princesses will receive an invitation by email based on the information provided below.


Invited princes/princesses must be present on Boutique Day to receive a suit or a gown.


Boutique Day is scheduled for March 6, 2021.

Photo: Wendy J. Rodríguez/W Rodríguez Photography ©2020