Our Mission

The Taylor Made Foundation is a community-based non-profit committed to serving homeless youth and families in need, and helping them become independent and permanently housed.


Our Vision

To empower unaccompanied youth and families to become independent by providing them with mentorship, support services, and permanent housing solutions, to help end the homeless crisis.



Statistics show that, “40% of the homeless population in America is under the age of 18”. They have no support from their families, they go to bed without food at least one day every month, they go to sleep each night without safety or a home, and almost 20,000 are forced in to prostitution or sex trafficking.


Sadly, 50% of homeless children have reported abuse. Consider the additional risks of this forgotten population, who are alone, within these facilities:

  • Violence
  • Labor & Sex Trafficking
  • Exposure To Drug Use
  • Dropping Out of School