About Once Upon a Prom


Princess dresses, sparkling accessories, glamorous high heels, fancy hairdos, and makeup are the staple items for every girl’s prom night; one of the most exciting nights for high school students.

Due to the high costs of today’s hot designs, prom dresses alone can cost anywhere between $300 and $1,000. These high prices coupled with beauty services and accessories can make going to prom an unattainable dream for many young ladies.


Once Upon A Prom is for qualified high school girls who cannot afford the costs related to prom. It’s a chance to “shop” for FREE at our Boutique Day, with a Fairy Prom Mother (personal shopper) who will help each princess find the dress of her dreams, receive shoes, a handbag, makeup, prom accessories, and other prom-related services. Each princess can even have her photograph taken in her beautiful new gown.


Each young lady will be treated with respect, love, and kindness by all of our volunteers. We do our best to promote self esteem and confidence in these young women while surrounding them with positive role models and hope to make an unforgettable experience for every princess who will waltz through our doors.