TMF offers our Volunteer Services to nursing homes within Metro-Atlanta communities. Nursing homes have the option of signing up for our services, and TMF staff develops a wide range of activities to match resident needs.


There are several ways for a volunteer to choose how to contribute their time and talents to the program. Most of the needed volunteer hours are divided between activities at the nursing homes throughout the year and at the Annual Deck Their Halls event each December, which has become our highlight event of the year.


When you adopt an elder, you commit to providing your Elder with twelve visits annually. (Volunteers are required to commit to monthly visits for one year. ) The mission and activities of the Program are highly dependent on the volunteers who donate hundreds of hours throughout the year.

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    I understand that the Taylor Made Foundation may take photos and/or videos of program participants during program activities and events for use in promotional materials in print, multimedia, or web form. Photos/videos will only be used for purposes related to these Taylor Made Foundation programs and their related partners.


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